Forming presses

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Molds are made from shaped metal forming best in the industry presses automatically , manic Woody Vietnamese company offers a wide range of designs , suitable tonnage with customer demands . Reputation is always top , so forming presses to shape with the highest standards of quality to best use metal . That’s why we adhere to quality management systems and strict continuous improvement goals . Molds can shape will reduce the strength , wealth …. a lot. By customizing a metal to create products to serve the operational needs of our customers, we can also improve efficiency with a design optimized to meet the needs of all customers . Product Details – Presses for fully automatic shape. – The intelligent temperature control. – The product is classified automatically. The process of machine operation as follows : 1 . Auto fuel supplies to the machine. 2 . Automatic hot pressed into the shape of fuel other kinds of dental products ” can produce according to customer requirements “. 3 . Automatic cut. 4 . Automatic counting and loading of finished products pros. – Presses shape is controlled by PLC and equipped with touch screen , helping operators to more easily. – Use motor power assist in the process of punching and cutting supplies .. – The machine is driven by the converter and is used in the form of hot pressing process , which saves electricity and all work processes more stable. – Machine has an automatic temperature control.   For more information about these products , please contact us Hotline : 0913 806 737 (Mr.Ngọc) – (08) 5425 0802

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