Cnc technology?

cnc milling machine is one of the group ‘s CNC technology So what is CNC technology ? cnc – be abbreviated by Computer ( ized ) Numerical ( ly ) Control ( led ) (controlled by computer ) – So cnc machine referred to them by the computer control , inheritance , reuse , using programs written in a specialized notation standard EIA – 274 – D , commonly known as G. cnc code was developed in the late 1940s early 1950s in the lab of MIT
Servomechanism . These advantages appear when cnc machine The appearance of the cnc machine was quickly changed to industrial production automation . The curves , small detail , hard … be done easily as straight lines , the complex 3 -dimensional structure is easily implemented , and a large number of operations done by humans is reduced minority . So automation in the production process of cnc machine generated significant growth for the accuracy and quality . Technology cnc machine automatically reduces errors and saves time . In a production environment , a wide range of cnc machines combined into a complex , called the cell , to be able to do multiple tasks on a part . CNC machines today are controlled directly from the drawings by CAM software , so the engineering department or may be assembled directly from design to manufacturing without the drawings in detail . CNC technology can say is the segment of industrial robot systems , ie they are designed to perform many operations produced ( in limited range ) . In the area of ​​today’s technology cnc , cnc milling machines , cnc cutting machines …. Hung Phu Lam Vietnam Company created a lot of products to meet the needs of our customers cnc technology .